Top 3 Tips For Client Satisfaction

January 27, 2017

It is a given that hair stylists possess creativity and talent to attract and keep their clientele.  Clients will always expect a great cut or color from their stylist.  Sometimes it is the little things that have nothing to do with how you style hair that keep your customers coming back.  Here are some salon success tips that will help your salon provide service that is a cut above the rest.

1) Start at the Beginning

If at all possible, have a real person answer the phone and schedule appointments.  Make it easy for clients to find you – whether that’s online booking, a direct phone or text line, or an assistant/personal receptionist managing your schedule. From the customer’s perspective, it is so much easier to simply interact with a representative who can determine what times are available and answer a few simple questions.  Making the appointment setting process simple and efficient helps your clientele feel you value their time.

2) Don’t Overbook

If you are a great hair stylist, eventually you will double book your appointments to fit in your clientele.  However, if you regularly make your customers wait 20 or 30 minutes every time they come in, eventually they will move on to another stylist who is ready to help them right away.  Most individuals lead very busy lives.  Often they have to coordinate with the babysitter and/or juggle multiple schedules just to dedicate time at your salon.  Respecting your customer’s time shows you put their needs first.

3) Cleanliness Counts

It is difficult to keep your salon atmosphere neat and clean when swamped with appointments, but customers appreciate establishments that take the time to keep up with basic housekeeping.  If your assistant is not taking phone calls, have them sweep the floors, straighten the magazines and pick up any trash left.  Most individuals expect a little pampering when they visit a salon and a clean atmosphere adds to their experience.  If your studio regularly gives the impression that dirt and grime are constant fixtures, it will give off a negative vibe to your customers.  Keep your clients comfortable and happy in a clean and beautiful environment.

To summarize, salons that offer their customers a great look, along with a hassle-free experience in positive surroundings have a winning combination that is hard to beat.

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