Jodie Jorgensen Smith



Holladay, UT
Jodie has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2003. Jodie has over 16 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has worked in professional salons from Utah, California and Las Vegas. Her background also includes insurance sales and strategy as well as real estate sales and property management. Jodie has always found passion and joy within the beauty industry. Starting beauty school while a junior in high school allowed her to jump start career right after graduating. While in school, Jodie found herself competing in various beauty competitions including Chicago’s Midwest beauty show and in Las Vegas, Nevada. These competitions and trade shows quickly showed how diverse and expandable this industry was and allowed her to expand her knowledge of the beauty industry. Soon after graduating she returned to the same beauty school roots and worked as an instructor while working for commission type salon as well. From there she continued with an Aveda salon building a solid clientele for another 8 years before going out on her own for the first time at a booth rental salon. She knows how scary it can be taking the leap to work for yourself and all the hats you wear as a new business owner. She knows the fear of clients not following you. Moving from many different salons and in different states has given her insight as to starting from scratch with your clientele as well as the importance of your personal brand and environment. Jodie has found that the most amazing difference from building a clientele 16 years ago and today is social media! “You have the ability to build a brand and a following no matter where you live which makes you limitless in this industry! You no longer need a big busy salon building you up. You can do it anywhere and completely on your own.”  Jodie is very passionate about working as an artist on your terms that it is what drove her to open up her own studio space. Here at Image Studios, we offer turn key mini-salons with low cost of entry, shorter leases than that of a traditional brick and mortar commercial lease. Jodie loves being able to support other beauty professionals in reaching their goals no matter how big or small they may be.
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