Salon Client Intake Form Templates

February 25, 2014

Part of running your salon will include keeping track of your clients and where they came from. Understanding where your new clients come from will help you know how to focus your time and energy in attracting new clients to your salon. Having an intake form will help you gather some of the information, as well as their birthday, email address, their beauty goals, and who referred them. Be sure to take advantage of having their birthday information. For example, you could:

In addition, this intake form we’ve created also has a cancellation policy section at the end of it. This states that your time and schedule is dedicated to them, and any cancellations under 24 hours would incur a $25 charge (FYI you can adjust your fee however you like). It also collects credit card information that authorizes you to charge their card in the event of a no-show or cancellation. The act of reading and filling out this form will most likely reduce or eliminate almost any no-shows or cancellations under 24 hours. Sometimes having clients read over something like this helps reinforce your policy as well, and if they actually fail to show up, you’ll be able to charge $25 to cover your time. Remember, your time as a service professional means that you only make money when you are working! When appointments fail to show up, you may have 1-2 hours of down time that you must kill while at your studio, and you’ve forfeited hundreds of dollars in lost income.

Feel free to edit your intake form as you see fit. The one you see here has been used by our professionals with great success.

Click here to download “Intake Form 1” generic PDF that you can print and use without any changes.

Click here to download “Intake Form 2” Word Doc so you can customize your form before printing.

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